All employees not only share a professional and methodical way of working but also the same sense of value. The concept of the "trustworthy businessman" is appreciated and supported by the whole team. Profitability and ethics are not antipodes for us. The long-term business relationship we aim for is based on virtues like honesty, diligence, foresight and fairness.

Trust: our common credo (latin = I trust) is the foundation of every successful job. Only if we trust do we achieve an honest communication between all parties.

Reliability: Based on our long-standing experience we are able to assess challenging situations from a neutral and unbiased point of view. We pass on this assessment honestly, although truth can sometimes be inconvenient.

Responsibility: We are dealing with people and not products. This is our main idea concerning all relationships. We do not have "good" or "bad" candidates, but people suiting a vacancy perfectly or not.

Discretion: For us, communication also means to remain silent if necessary.